Yawei PBM Series CNC Press Brakes

Yawei has launched a new product in category of Press Brakes, The New Yawei Machine equipped with hybrid drive system and pump-controlled synchronization technology. This machine have more better precision with better energy-saving performance, faster, and higher efficiency. Suitable for fast bending of various types of high-precision parts and Yawei technology also has the following advantages.

Numerical control system

  1. 17 according to the high resolution TFF truecolor 1280 x1024 lattice
  2. 1 gb memory capacity, USB flash drive
  3. Real-time WINDOWS operating platform
  4. guarantee the stability of the system operation support instantly turned off
This High efficiency and energy saving press brakes (PBM Series) Have so many Advantages as follows:

Laser safety protection

  1. Lasersafe PSC - OHS laser protection
  2. numerical control system and safety control mode integrated communication
    • Double laser beam line at the bottom of the upper die tip 4 mm area of formation protection, effectively protect the safety of the operator's fingers; After the laser line in

Front carrier

  1. Before the carrier along a straight line guide rail around mobile
  2. the handwheel to adjust up and down height
  3. Aluminium alloy material platform
  4. aesthetically pleasing
  5. workpiece bend cut down

Up and down mould clamping

  1. Mould clamping device on the standard configuration for mechanical clamping fast
  2. can choose domestic or imported on integral hydraulic clamping device
  3. Lower die adopts double v quick change clamping method
  4. optional mechanical clamping or single single v v hydraulic

After the keep-off

  1. Whole structure is made of high quality aluminum alloy extrusion profiles
  2. high rigidity
  3. stable precision
  4. Standard X and two R axis CNC axis
  5. quick speed, electric controller control block along the cylindrical guide move around