Yawei PBH Series CNC Press Brakes

Yawei has launched a new product in category of Press Brakes, The New Yawei Machine use pressure difference control system, low oil temperature and less overflow, stable and reliable. This machine have multiple choices of toolings and clampings with high response hydraulic control technology brings higher speed, higher efficiency, and more stabilized precision also big stroke, big daylight, wide range of applications. Yawei technology also have the following advantages.

Numerical control system

  1. CNC system standard configuration for DA56S
  2. Bending machine numerical control shaft is (4 + 1) axis
This High speed and high agility press brakes (PBH Series) Have so many Advantages as follows:

X, R behind two axis numerical

  • Behind the standard configuration for X, R axis two axis numerical control, block along a straight line guide rail move around

  • Quick grip on mould machinery

  • Mould clamping device on the standard configuration for mechanical quick grip

  • Lower die 2 - V quick change

  • Lower die adopts double V quick change clamping method