OTN FLT Series Laser Cutting Machine

OTN Laser now launching new model of Laser Cutting Machine. Now and more power will do for thick material such as stainless steel or mild steel. The material have various thickness and many kind of material can be cut with high efficiency and very effective also very strong with accuracy.

For the Power Source we have several variants:
  1. 1000W-20000W

For the Model & Cutting Area:
  1. FLT-60200 = 2000-12000mm

Repositioning Accuracy:
  1. 0.02mm

Max Moving Speed:
  1. 100m/min
  1. Intelligent one-click automatic cutting, one-click start, unattended batch workpiece processing, improve production efficiency
  2. Interface real-time laser monitoring, production of the overall process, panoramic, simple operation, finger stroke can control the entire cutting process