Yawei Universal High-efficiency CNC Mechanical Servo Turret Punching Machines

Yawei has launched a new product in category of Turret Punching Machine, The New Yawei Machine have a High-efficiency electric servo punch head, can reach 1500 cpm, equipped with Soft-punch mode and also Low comprehensive processing cost. Yawei technology also has the following advantages.

Touch the man-machine interface
  1. With 17 inch touch human-machine interface, in view of the punch design, simple operation, powerful functions
      Also Supported with:
    • - Integrated graphics
    • - offline simulation
    • - dynamic simulation
    • - mold contrast special functions such as punch
This Universal High-efficiency CNC Mechanical Servo Turret Punching Machines Have so many Advantages as follows:

Turret Drive

  1. Compact structure
  2. Reasonable load power matching
  3. High stability
  4. Can according to the system instruction
  5. Fast response on the power
  6. Precision calibration turret orientation device can ensure accurate choice knife

Feeding Structure

  1. Big lead high precision grinding ball screw
  2. Control without using segmented compensation
  3. The sports location accuracy is higher
  4. Running noise smaller
  5. Ball screw comprehensive live longer
    • - Standard pneumatic swing high strength clamp
    • - Mature and stable structure

Lower Die Holder,Fast Change

  1. The unique structure of the mould effectively shorten the time of the frequent changing mould when using
  2. Improve work efficiency
  3. Precision machining positioning device to ensure the repeated positioning accuracy

Tool Auto-index

  1. Constant mesh transmission structure of patented technology
  2. Without having to worry about the secondary positioning error and wear and tear
  3. Repetitive positioning accuracy control within 0.03 mm
  4. More to meet the needs of precision machining
  5. Precision turbine worm is used in the main drive system structure
  6. The T axis

Servo Ram Design

  1. Crankshaft connecting rod with one servo drive straight drive structure
  2. Mature and stable, key parts installation using a special process
  3. Effectively eliminate internal clearance
  4. Not only improved service life
  5. The positioning accuracy in be used actually get effective guarantee
    • - Full servo closed-loop control
    • - Precise positioning

High efficiency and energy saving

  1. Efficient intelligent stamping pattern
  2. Achieve rapid calculation pressure
  3. Stamping control energy
  4. Reduce energy consumption of stamping
  5. Close to zero when standby energy consumption
    • - When braking energy can be effectively recycling
    • - Secondary utilization during acceleration
    • - Energy conservation
    • - Environmental protection

High Speed,Low Noise

  1. Give full play to the electric servo control the characteristics of adjustable speed at any position
  2. with advanced stamping process
  3. effectively reduce the stamping noise
  4. provide comfortable operating environment
    • - High precision without gap mechanical

Turret Structure

  1. Turret USES high strength alloy steel casting
  2. Clamping precision processing
  3. Oxidation resistance and bearing capacity is strong
  4. Vibration absorbing and precision guidance performance is remarkable
  5. Stamping process is not easy to appear the phenomenon such as card mode
  6. Pick up