Yadon Powered by Schuler now launching new model of Table Press. Now and more power will do for thick material such as stainless steel or mild steel. The material have various thickness and many kind of material can be press with high efficiency and very effective also very strong with accuracy.

For the Variant:
  1. MP-4.000
  2. MP-6.300
  3. MP-8.000
  4. MP-10.000
  5. MP-12.500
  6. MP-16.000
  7. MP-20.000
  8. MP-25.000
  9. MP-31.500
  10. MP-40.000
  11. MP-63.000
  12. *This XXX-400/630/800 Capacity in KN (KiloNewton)
Main Features from YC1:
  1. For tonnage between 400T and 2500T, the frame is a separated structure made of welded steel. For tonnage between 3150T and 630OT, also a separated structure, but made of cast iron. For MP-B model
  2. With high inertia flywheel and high output energy, this series machines are suitable for hot or warm forging process
  3. With connection rod of two supporting points type and lengthened guide ways, this series machines are good at offset loading and easy to being equipped with progressive arms or robot arms, perfectly meeting multi station progressive forging process
  4. The slide speed is fast, as a result it shortens the touching time to the forging • parts and lengthens the die service life
  5. "X" type guide ways are adopted, its heat sensitivity for the clearance is low
  6. The shut height adjustment is motorized
  7. The clutch & brake unit adopts pneumatic floating frict on block structure
  8. Having the functions such as lubrication monitor tonnage monitor, bushing temperature monitor, trouble shooting displayer, crank angle detector system running displayer and so on (as optional)
  9. With touch-screen (HMI), making the machine easily and conveniently to operate or set parameters
  10. MGP model having one more gear reduction system, as a result the speed is lower meeting for aluminum alloy forging process
  11. Optional accessories include progressive arm robot arm anti-vibration mounts, etc.